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Baccarat is a famous game of chance, played with 2 or 3 cards. It is not difficult, therefore, very useful if you do not like complex rules or difficult card games. The goal is to get as close as possible to the nine points, and at least closer to the nine than the divisor.

James Bond has actually made the game popular. In the many films in which Sean Connery played the role of James Bond, the game that was played was baccarat. With a shaken, not stirred in his hand he played against the biggest villains. And although 007 of course never had the losing hand, baccarat is indeed a game of chance.

How to play

The house, also called the bank or the dealer, shares two cards, two to the player and two to himself. As a player, you bet that you are closest to the nine points or you bet on the bank. When you open the cards you will see the points. Are you closest to the nine, and you had a bet placed on yourself, you’ll win! If you further away from the nine than the divisor or bank, you will lose. But if you bet on the dealer, you win. So simple, put your chances on the divisor or yourself, be the closest to the nine, and you’ll go home with the profit.

Have your points been under seven? Then you have the option to request a card. That’s why the game is played with 2 or 3 cards. But beware, with an additional card you may come further away from the nine in comparison to the divisor. Due to the high risk of asking for an additional card, this option is not often played in practice. Especially not beginners, but with a little extra courage it might be appropriate for you. So if you want to feel like James Bond and play a game with not too many rules, try baccarat. And for clarity, it is pronounced as bah-kuh-ra.

The rules of the game in a row

Each game is played with 8 packets of cards. The cards with a number, two to nine, all have their own value. All images, the farmer, wife and gentleman have no value ​​and represent the 0. And finally the ace counts for one point. In total, fourteen players participate and one divider.

Each new round begins with putting a bet on the one you think is closest to the nine. There are three possibilities, you put a bet on a player (this can be yourself), the dealer or you predict a similar outcome.

As a player you will receive two cards. The one who comes closest to the nine, wins. If your total score exceeds nine, then only count the last number. As an example, at a total of points of eighteen only count the eight. Everyone at the table is in turn, counted clockwise, the divider. If you win as a divisor, the part will remain with you. Otherwise, it passes to the player on your left.

Another version of baccarat is the mini baccarat. Actually, this is played with the same rules but the way of sharing is just different. This makes the game even faster and more dynamic and the pay-out ratio is no different. This will be played with six packets of cards.

Ways to take advantage

Due to the simple game and rules, it is difficult to talk about winning strategies at baccarat. You just have to play the game and try to win. What’s important to know before you start the game is to find out how beneficial the profit is. Everything in profit is paid one by one. Only the divisor always receive a percentage of the bet. How high this percentage is, can be found in each game. Look in to this as a player, because it also affects your own profit.


The emergence of baccarat.

It is difficult to determine where and when Baccarat is precisely created. It is likely that the game has been played since the Middle Ages and, like so many games, it originated in southern Europe. Baccarat means zero, both in French and Italian, so it cannot be said with certainty what the game is today. One says it is originally French, also considering the amount of gambling that originated in France.

The other believes in the myth of that time from Italy. During that time the game was played with tarot cards in which the nine gods watched how the virgin would determine her fate by means of a nine-sided stone. At eight or nine she would become a high god; at six or seven she was banned from all religions and one in five or six meant the end of life. Of course, this is a myth, but, according to some, this indicates that baccarat originates in Italy.

Later it was actually played everywhere with the usual cards, as we still play. In the game, the numbers are two to nine, the wife, lord and farmer and of course the Ace. In Asia, the game is still unusually popular and is played primarily with very large amounts as a bet. Worldwide the game is, due to the popularity of gambling in the United States, still very popular. In almost every casino, both the regular and the online version you will find baccarat.

Even online the game is getting more and more popular. In most online casinos you will find baccarat back in the original version and no high bet is required. This makes the game easily accessible to a large group of players. You won’t find a lot of mini-bacarat is online, this variation of the game is mainly played in the big gambling cities in Atlantic City and in Las Vegas.

The concepts

Nowadays you will find a lot of influences from the past in baccarat. There are still many Italian and French words used. But the American influence is no longer deniable. You can see this through different concepts in the game.

Baccarat: the original term for 0, and therefore a loss or bad hand.

Banker: You can place the bet, also called the bank. The banker pays one bet on one, but always receives a 5 percent commission.

Coup: A complete game round is called a coup and consists of the player and the dealer’s hand.

Mini baccarat: Another faster version of the original baccarat.

Naturel: if you already have a total score of eight or nine.

Player: bet on a player

Run: suddenly wager on a series of winning hands. This applies to both the players and the bank and tie.

Standoff: Draw, the divider and the player have the same number of points.

Tie: Place your bet on a tie between the player and the bank. Hereby the profit is high but the commission for the divisor is also high.

Important to know

If you want to play online baccarat, try the free game version first. This way you will get to know the site and the game without having to place a real bet. And check with all providers how the payout ratios are and what the commission is for the divisor. This can vary by site, and you can see where you can get the most profit. If you want to go further with the game or look for more challenge, then you can also visit Chemin de Fer. This is an original French version of the game.

In any game that is played online, you need to think carefully as to what you want to put in. Keep an eye on your own budget. There are two possibilities, profit or loss. As long as you reasonably consider this and keep this in mind, baccarat is a fun game to play and certainly offers opportunities for profit. As explained, there is an option to play Tie. Hereby you take big risks that are not always in your own favor. The chance to win is not big as opposed to the losses that are associated with it. Therefore, think carefully before choosing this option in the game.