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High Roller Bonus

When you spend a lot of money playing as a player in online casinos, you earn a high roller bonus. Casinos are always pleased to see that a player returns regularly and also wants to spend a lot of money. These casinos would like to reward them with a high roller bonus. And these are usually not bad amounts. For example, some casinos can give a high roller bonus up to € 1,500 euro. In addition, you also often receive free play money. With many online casinos, when you are a big player, there are big things waiting for you. This allows you to make good use of the free things you receive from each online casino.

Welcome Bonus for a big player

twentyonecasino highroller bonusAt many online casinos you will receive a welcome bonus after registration. The height of such a bonus is different for each high roller casino. At a number of casinos you will receive a large amount of free spins or free play money. This is no matter what type of gambler you are. It can be a great thing if you are a big player if you can already add a big bonus on to your account. But do you always play with big money? In this case, it would be wise for you are a big player to look around at different casinos and their reward program for your type of player. For example, a VIP program. Your welcome bonus may be a little lower than you would have hoped. The benefits of a VIP program for players who are paying with a lot of money may be much bigger. However, in order to qualify for a high roller bonus, you must first make a deposit on your account.


When you want to make use of the VIP program offered at the casino of your choice you will be faced with a number of conditions. These vary by casino and also determine when you qualify for a High Roller bonus. A number of casinos work with a kind of level system. The more you play and for higher amounts, you can also get on the higher level in the high roller bonus. A number of other high roller casinos only look at the current playing behavior and can invite you to a VIP program based on that. In order to be a member of the online casino’s VIP program, you can also have more advantages than just the high roller bonus. As a VIP player, you often also get privileges like an account manager who is always ready for your questions. Who can also guide you and explain those privileges. To become a VIP player or to qualify for a high roller bonus, you do not have to pay a large amount on your account. Even if you know how to win a lot and, in your further game behavior, you meet the conditions set by the casino you can reach the level of a high roller player. For each budget there are opportunities to join. It is also possible that you receive a high roller bonus by paying a lot of money on your account, irrespective of game behavior or performance.

The conditions

When you read about the high roller bonuses you will soon see that there are a number of conditions attached. The first is that you can only qualify for a bonus when you make a first deposit on your account. In general, the higher the amount of the deposit, the higher the bonus you will receive. Once you receive a bonus, there are often conditions as to how and when you can put the money into the bonus. In the online gambling world, this is also referred to as the playing conditions. The higher the amount of the high roller bonus, the more difficult it will be to pay it out. Also called free play. It is important to watch how often you have to play the money and what the maximum bet per game round is. If you have received a $ 1,000 bonus with the terms that you need to play this amount 50 times around, you can also check that it takes a while before this amount can be paid. Not all casinos turn out a high roller bonus. If your preferred casino does not have this bonus then there is a chance that they will offer a special VIP program. With a VIP program, more players are likely to join. This often refers to the general play pattern. Because not every player can deposit a large amount of play money weekly, but that does not mean they are not a high roller player. And once you make a big deposit on your account, you are not automatically a high roller player. The factor time tells a lot about a player, so you can quickly get into a VIP program. However, the terms for a VIP status or a high roller bonus vary by casino. The terms for using your bonus money and the rounds you must play to release this money. You will have to make more effort than for example at a welcome bonus. The terms of the casino are clearly stated on the website and are usually mentioned once you have received the bonus.

Do not accept a bonus

When you are offered a high-roll bonus or a VIP program, it does not automatically mean that you should accept this offer. An important reason for this may be that you do not want to get stuck on all sorts of conditions and therefore prefer to play with your own money. So you can choose by bonus whether you want to go for the offer or not. And if you let a bonus pass because you do not want to go into the condition then a new offer will arrive later. If it is appropriate to you as a player, then you can always accept it.