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No deposit bonus

No deposit bonus. Like the name says, this is a bonus for which no deposit is required. In the world of online gambling this is the biggest real bonus a casino can give. This way you are thanked for your registration and this is a sign from the casino that they are happy with you as a player. This way you can get familiar with the game offer and are free of extra costs. If you get this offer from an online casino then you can take it easy. Many of these no deposit bonuses are linked to slot machines, using free spins, or with free play money.

Free play money

Where many casinos work with a reward in play money after transferring the first deposit to your account, there are also a lot of casinos that welcome newplayers with play money without the need for a deposit. However, the area is fair to indicate that the amount of euro’s playing money is significantly lower than with a bonus after a first deposit. Usually you will receive between € 5 and € 10 for being a new player. However, this may look like a small amount, the bright side is that you can get started immediately. If you are lucky at the tables with this bonus straight away, you must take the conditions into account. With a no deposit bonus, it’s almost always that you cannot get the money won. Even though the conditions in each casino are different, often before proceeding to pay the profit, it is assumed that you have to spend the money within a number of days a number of times before you can speak of real profits. If you still win, or maybe even more, then that profit is of course all for you. Another condition may also be that the casino will only pay out until you have made a deposit on your account. To know which conditions apply, you can consult the website from the casino.

Free spinsno deposit bonus

A very common no deposit bonus are free spins. Hereby, as a newly registered member of an online casino, you get a free number of spins on one of the slot machines. Also for this bonus, you do not have to make a deposit on your account first. Whether there are any further conditions attached to these free spins is different per casino. Some online providers choose to get acquainted with a predetermined slot machine where you can get free spins. With other providers you can make this choice yourself. Free spins are also not only given to newly registered members. When you often visit the online casino of your choice, you will notice that as a loyal customer are regularly rewarded with free spins. This may be for the promotion of a new gaming machine. But you can also play free spins for another game by playing certain games. What the terms are, is indicated on the website per casino. The biggest advantage of a no deposit bonus is that it can also be seen as a bonus. There are no extra costs, so playing with this bonus is free. You do not have to take any further action yourself. After your registration, the no deposit bonus is automatically linked to your account. If any action is taken on your part, in the form of a deposit on your account or in the past, you have already made a deposit, you will no longer receive a no deposit bonus but a deposit bonus.

Another advantage of this kind of bonus is that the value is never very high. That may sound like it’s not an advantage, but it is. Due to the relatively lower value, the conditions are also less strict to release money won with this bonus. To give an example, when the conditions indicate that you need to make 10 spins profit more 10 times, it’s easier to realize when it’s $ 5, – than $ 500, -. If we are to mention a disadvantage then it may be that the terms of the online casino include that there is a maximum win on playing with free spins. For example, the casino can determine that you can win up to € 150, – with your bonus. Higher profits that you have achieved cannot be paid. If you receive free spins with a deposit bonus, this restriction will not apply.

The no deposit bonus can therefore be seen as a great way to become acquainted with a slot machine or the online casino play mode. This makes it a big advantage for you as a new member. You can gain experience and find out if this is a casino or game that suits you. You play with free money but you can earn real profit. And the risk is now not with you but with the game provider. Nevertheless, the feeling and the tension are similar to playing with your own money.

Play directly

A no deposit bonus is directly after your registration ready to use. So you do not have to wait until you can play, at most, it takes a few seconds to minutes until your free play money or free spins are ready. The bonus is also linked to your account, so if you want to play on another device, there’s also a bonus to be found there.

If you are rewarded as a regular customer with a no deposit bonus, that may be different. Often there is a certain amount of time associated with this bonus. This can range from a single day to for example a week. If the bonus or free spins is only valid for one day, you should be aware of that day and also have the opportunity to play. Usually you will be notified by email, which means that you do not always have to log in, the casino website also often announces actions. There are thus enough ways to reach you as a customer and therefore the risk of missing these actions has also become a lot smaller in recent years.