StakeLogic Casino Software; innovative and qualitative

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Stake Logic Casino Software; innovative and qualitative

Are you a player looking for original and fun games? Then the new offer of video slots from the new game developer Stakelogic (2014) are not to be missed. Stakelogic is located in beautiful Eindhoven (De Regent 8) and games are therefore developed in our own country, which is virtually unique in the world of casino games. Stakelogic is part of Greentube Internet Entertainment Solutions GmbH (part of Novomatic) and aims to deliver innovative casino games. The games of Stake logic are based on HTML5 technology and with the wide range you will never be bored.

The latest technologies

Stakelogic is more involved with her customers as a young company. That’s why it creates the best game experience possible for you. For example, the company uses advanced graphic effects that make the games play smoothly. The detailed animations make the play of Stakelogic casino games refreshing and challenging. In addition to the latest known technologies, Stakelogic makes use of 360 degree technology in its new games: for this energetic game experience, the company even applied for a patent. In addition to the high-level graphics effects, there is another benefit to Stakelogic’s casino games: the high amounts that can be won.

Win great amounts of money

As you obviously expected, Stakelogic offers fantastic amounts for the winners of her games. For example, you have 5 roles in the casino games and 3 rows of symbols, with which many different prize combinations can be rotated. The purpose of the game is to get similar symbols on a payline, starting from the first roll left to the last, right-hand role. In Stakelogic’s innovative and original games, your chances are higher than ever.


Of course, Stakelogic would not be Stake logic if she used only regular symbols. It is therefore not surprising that the games usually use extras. There are the theme symbols, but there is also the Wild symbol, which is used as a kind of joker and can replace other symbols. There are also the Scatters, which you do not have to find a payline to win free spins. In addition, Stakelogic does not hesitate to bring bonuses, which can be won in bonus games and bring valuable prizes.

Play everywhere

In the area of ​​accessibility, Stakelogic will not be left behind at other casinos. If you sign up for a mobile Stakelogic casino, you can also play the games with your computer or laptop. However, that does not mean that your Smartphone also has games like Dart Heroes, Spartus, Royal Fortune, and Monkeys of the Universe. All you need is an Android or Apple iOS operating system and an internet connection. Even classic casino games like Random Runner and Twin Joker are now available on mobile devices. Also, games such as Blocks, Cash and Camels, Dragons Adventure, Football Gladiators, John Doe, Joker Fortune, King Bam Bam, Las Vegas Fever, and The Amsterdam Masterplan now play on tablets and phones.

Wide range of opportunities

Of course, at Stakelogic casinos it is possible to decide for yourself how much you want to bet. If you have a low budget, you can choose to start with a low amount. If you have a high budget then there is the ability to start with a high bet. These broad deployment opportunities give customers a soothing feeling because they can determine their own risk. If you have any doubts about your bet, you can always check the price table in advance, indicating the possible price combinations.

Supply is steadily growing

Because Stake logic is a new company, its offer of casino games is still growing. Due to the many qualitative games already developed and released by Stakelogic, expectations for future games are very high. Relevant updates about Stakelogic developments will be kept and reported so you will not have to miss this innovative and qualitative business.

Some Stakelogic games:
Dice on Wild
Random 4 Runner
Sizzling Peppers
Bank or Prank
Midnight Rush
Dart Heroes
Royal Fortune
Monkeys of the Universe
Random Runner
Twin Joker
Cash and Camels
Dragons Adventure
Football Gladiators
John Doe
Joker Fortune
King Bam Bam
Las Vegas Fever
The Amsterdam Masterplan