Which 21 Casino?

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Which 21 casino is the best?

Online gambling is no doubt one of the most fun things to engage in on the internet. As such,  there are numerous online casino platforms you can choose to play, but if you are a fan of 21 casinos, things can get a little difficult and confusing for you. There are various 21 casinos you can find online; examples are 21.com, 21.co.uk, 21 private casinos, and 21 casinos, the question then becomes, which among these 21 casinos is most preferable?

This question is what we help you to answer at casino online.news. Haven compared all four casinos; casino online approves 21 Casino as the best amongst them all, your choice as a player may defer later on after player’s experience. Meanwhile, you can check out more information about 21casinos below:

21 Casino

21 casino online

This online casino was set up in the year 2015 and based on the experience you can refer to them as the king of online casinos. 21 casino boasts of an easy-to-use and user-friendly interface, decorated with a black and white theme color and gold/yellow logo. The background is mind-blowing, giving users a chalkboard like feeling as drawings from roulette wheel, playing cards, chips, and dice are basically chalk made which gives players that original feeling. 21 casino is nothing but the best!

21 casino boasts of a robust language inventory as it is available in English, German, Norwegian, Finnish and Swedish. With three different licenses from the Malta Gaming Company, Curacao and UK Gambling Commission, owned by Imperium Network Solutions Limited Casinos. 21 casino has built a name for itself over the years; this is because they offer the best customer service, employ the best game developers, and provide players with classic bonus offers.

21 casino online


  • 21 casino boasts of a robust gaming inventory with a variety of games developed by the best game developers.
  • Live casino gaming feature giving players the opportunity to experience real life casino experience while playing their favorite online table game. The live gaming feature makes it feel like it is a real land-based casino table game.
  • Prompt and active customer service available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. You can reach them through their live chat feature, e-mail,  telephone number, and FAQ page.
  • 21 casino is also supported on various mobile platforms (mobile phones and tablets) which gives users easy access and the ability to play their favorite online casino games at anywhere, from the comfort of their homes, in the bus and so on. The fact that 21 casinos are supported on the mobile platform allows for instant play at anywhere, place, or time.
  • It possesses a secured SSL Encryption, which makes it safe for online casino players to play their favorite casino games without fear that their personal and financial data will be stolen by third parties and online frauds.
  • 21 casino runs a fair online casino platform proven by its independent audit system. 21 casino runs an audit system that is the independent of the company itself and also makes available the audit record on its website for public viewership. Such transparency makes it a trustworthy and accountable online casino platform, which, as a result, accounts for its large customer base.


  • 21 casino is not available for players in countries like Belgium, Denmark, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, Russia and few other. You can visit 21 casino page to get the list of restricted countries.


21 banner

21.com is one amongst the 21 casinos established in 2018, boasts of an attractive interface which bright combination of colors which include blue, yellow, orange and purple. With decorative slot games characters which gives the website banner a playful look. 21.com offers live games ranging from roulette, baccarat, blackjack slots, and many more.

21.com is also available in languages like English, Finnish, Swedish and Norwegian. It operates with its license from the Malta Gaming Authority and Curacao, 21.com is owned by Betpoint Group Ltd. Casinos with around customer service, live chat, FAQ page, email, and telephone number. Offering it’s customers the best online casino experience.

21 com


  • Gaming experience has never been better than what 21.com offers. The platform boasts a customer-friendly interface with w live chat feature available on a 24/7 basis, giving gamers access to its service 24 hours a day and 7 days in a week.
  • The platform also boasts of fast withdrawals as players have the opportunity to receive their winnings within a short period of time, mostly in a few hours. Therefore for players with little patience 21.com is the preferred option for them.
  • The structure and well-arranged interface in the 21.com website gives users a welcoming experience giving them access to various features on the platform at ease. The easy-to-use interface accounts for its continuous usage by gamers.


  • Unfortunately, UK residents cannot play because there is no license that supports it. Perhaps in good time, Uthe K will be licensed to.
  • 21.com prohibits players from countries where it isn’t licensed any play at 21.com. Countries like Australia, Italy, United Kingdom, and Uthe United States are not licensed to play at 21.com.
  • The time between winning and pending withdrawals might be a bit slow and as such players who seek a right away solution will find it inconvenient.


21.co.uk is another of the 21 casino choices established in 2016. With two years already in business, ss, 21.co.uk has built a name for themselves as one of the best online casino platforms. The platform boasts of a sleek interface with a black theme and highlights of blue, same for the logo, giving the platform a friendly and stylish look. Everything you need to know about the platform can be found at 21.co.uk.

21.co.uk is only available in the English language, with licenses from the UK gambling commission and Alderney Gambling Control Commission and acting owner is known as LeoVegas. 21.co.uk mainly focuses it’s service to UK players as it is prohibited in many other countries take, for example, Belgium. To know the list of players prohibited from playing 21.co.uk you check out the restricted countries at the 21.co.uk page.


  • 21.co.uk is a mobile online casino, which means it is available on mobile phones, tablets, and so on.
  • 21.co.uk boasts of a wide variety of gaming slots designed by professional game developers that players can choose from.
  • The casino also provides players with Live Casino section feature which increases players participation.


  • The online chat feature available on the 21.co.uk platform is not accessible on a 24/7 basis as it is only available within the hours of 8 am to 12 am.
  • The only language available for players is English, thereby putting non-English players at a disadvantage.
  • 21.co.uk is only licensed in the UK; therefore, players from other countries are restricted from playing.

21 prive

21 prive was established in 2014, meaning that they have been in existence for the past five years, giving them the time to build a large customer base and good reputation in the online casino network. Based on our findings, 21 prive possesses the least impressive user interface with color combinations of purple, black, and white. With few characters though well-arranged, 21 prive boasts of the most standard font.

Like 21.co.uk, 21 prive is only available in the English language with licenses from Curacao and UK Gambling Commission. 21 prive acting owner is Caddell Limited NV Casinos, restricted from various countries like Australia, Denmark, France, Belgium and so on(check 21 prive casino page for the total list of restricted countries).


  •  It is available on mobile phones and tablets, which allows for easy access and instant play.
  • It also boasts of efficient customer service and lives chat feature available on a 24/7 basis.


  • 21 prive coverage is limited as it is restricted in many countries.
  • Its Return To Player (RTP) percentage is not audited to the public.
  • It is available only in the English language, which is a disadvantage for non-English players.

Which 21 Casino is the best

Looking at overview one of the aforementioned 21 casinos from their pro’s and con’s, we can find out differences is theme color website arrangement, customer service, availability, and so on. While one possess a poor theme color(21 prive), others boast of the user-friendly and decorative interface.

Therefore comparing the pro’s and con’s we can find out that 21 casino has more pro’s and less con’s, the best user-interface, audit practice, reputation, transparency, customer service and many more. Judging by these features, we can say that 21 casino has laid down the blueprint on how online casinos should look like. Online casino gamers will no doubt experience online casino service at its peak. Join the winning team today, join 21 casino.