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What are Free Spins? Free Spins give you the chance to try slot machines without having to pay for it. If you register with an online casino, for example casino twenty one, they often give you free spins. So if you get 20 free spins, you can spin 20 times without having to write off your balance. Free spins are therefore an ideal way to introduce you to online gambling. One of the most popular slot machines which often gives free spins is for example Starburst of NetEnt. If you get free spins from an online casino on a particular game, there will be nothing left of your balance when you click on ‘Spin’!

Free Spins vs. No Deposit Free Spins

You often hear about ‘Free Spins’ and ‘No Deposit Free Spins’ but what’s the difference? Well, it’s pretty simple. In order to get Free Spins, you must first make a deposit on your casino account. If you have found an online casino that you trust and where they have your favorite casino games, you can register yourself at that casino and you will often receive a welcome bonus.

For example, “deposit € 30 and get 100 Free Spins!”. You must first make a deposit of € 30 and then you will receive your 100 Free Spins.

While you don’t have to pay any money with No Deposit Free Spins. Some casinos offer them as part of the welcome bonus, simply create your account and you have immediate Free Spins to use. Other online casinos will reward you periodically as a loyal player by emailing you and saying, “We have a new game online, play now with 20 free spins! “.

Can I really win money with free spins?

Hell yes. Although you do not have to pay for your free spins, all winnings you get during the spins will be added to your balance at the relevant online casino for example with casino twenty one. However, they can make demands when you want to pay out the winnings. (for example, you have to play $ 20 at the casino first. See all types of casino bonuses.

Why does an online casino provide free spins?

Very simple, to make you get acquainted with the casino. Generally, a ‘Free Spin’ will be a fixed number and at a lower bet. A popular slot game for free spins is Starburst. For example, at casino twenty one you get 20 free spins on this slot machine, you can get these:

The Starburst slot machine has 10 win lines, you get the free spins on a bet of € 0.01 cents, so € 0.01 cents x 10 is € 0.10 per free spin.

If they give 20 free spins, that’s effectively $ 2. This is not a lot of money for a casino and if it encourages players to continue playing at this casino and to deposit money then so be it.